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Learn more about what we do. This is a short list of Giftet Inc. CEO Bio.

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CEO Gov. Business Card

For government use only. Government program managers may contact Giftet Inc. CEO from the following link.

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CEO Ind. Business Card

For industry partners use only. Industry executives or program managers may contact Giftet Inc. CEO from the following link.

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Strategic Plan

The purpose of strategic planning is to set overall long-term and short-term goals, aims, objectives, desired results for Giftet business.

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Annual Address

The message serves as a report to Giftet Board of Directors and its customers on Giftet core business conditions and aspirations.

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Industry Overview

It helps them get a sense of what is happening with Giftet Inc. solutions, publications, transactional business entities, and its future prospects.

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Capability Statement

Giftet Capability Statement is a brief marketing document that highlights Giftet primary products and services to its core business customers. It is Giftet opportunity to emphasize its qualification, ability, expertise, talent, stuff, goods, credentials, capacity its core business customers.

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SBIR Capability Statement

Giftet SBIR Capability Statement is an opportunity for Giftet to engage and stimulate technological innovation; to compete to meet Federal R/R&D needs; foster and encourage participation in SBIR and STTR programs.

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Fellowship (*)

Fellowship is one of the highest honors bestowed to Giftet Inc. CEO from various prestigious, world-renowned organizations.

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Press Release

Since its creation in 2006, Giftet has ceated its press release to inform its audience of its activities.
The latest Press Releases about Giftet Inc. can be obtained from the following.

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(*) To be awarded Fellow, the nominee must have made outstanding contributions to any discipline related to geolocation, geo-information, and geo-intelligence. The keyword for this award is “outstanding:” the nominee must truly stand out among one's peers.