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Giftet Inc is a Leader in geolocation, geo-information, and geo-intelligence.

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What is a Business Solution? According to Gartner, a solution is an implementation of people, processes, information, and technologies in a distinct system to support a set of business or technical capabilities that solve one or more business problems.

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A navigation system is a computing system that aids in navigation. Navigation systems may be entirely on board the vehicle that the system is controlling or located elsewhere, making use of radio or other signal transmission to control the terestrial vehicle.

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Aeronautical Navigator

It is used by pilots in aircraft to know their exact position and find their way. That is important because if they get lost, they can hit a mountain or fly into a dangerous area or not find a place to land.

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Maritime Navigator

While at sea, accurate position, speed, and heading are needed to ensure the vessel reaches its destination in the safest, most economical and timely fashion that conditions will permit. The need for accurate position information becomes even more critical as the vessel departs from or arrives in port.

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Software Solutions

A software solution is a program that helps to perform different tiring and time-taking tasks efficiently.

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Media Solutions

One of the biggest advantages of media and entertainment software is its ability to automate certain tasks, such as color grading, audio mixing, animation, and geolocation, geo-information and geo-intelligence.

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